“My organization runs creative writing workshops for the public, and we often have questions around access needs. We hired Kate to help us work on some specific questions out and wow, can’t say enough good things about the session.

It was a game changer, deep and wide, smart and profoundly sensitive. It was perfectly tailored to our specific questions, but also connected us to the heart of our worries and the deep values that underlie access. It left us with practical solutions and next steps, as well as conversations that will go on and on.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a wider understanding of how to host the public.”

Chris Kay Fraser, Firefly Creative Writing

Kate: Your course and way of teaching was a truly life changing experience for me. It’s one I can see myself taking with me for the rest of my life. It has helped me in my relationship to myself most of all. Thank you also for always being so validating, kind, and supportive, whatever issues came up. You are a fantastic teacher and we’ve been lucky to have you in our corner.”

Former student